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Save time and effort crafting clear and concise guest post outreach messages with my free AI Email Generator. Boost your outreach success in one click!

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Free AI Personalized Email Generator

Tired of spending hours crafting the perfect guest post outreach email? 💁🏻‍♀️

I was, too, until I created my Free AI Personalized Email Generator. This tool was born from my need to boost guest posting productivity by automating this tedious task.

With my AI generator, creating emails that are tailored to your target audience becomes effortless and instant. It’s designed to help you make meaningful connections and secure those coveted guest post spots with ease.

I’m excited to share this AI email writer with you and eager for your feedback to make it even better! 🤩

How Does the AI Email Generator Work?

My AI Email Generator is designed to save you time and effort in creating personalized emails that stand out.

Here’s how it works:

  • Research: Find your target recipient and their latest blog post. For those new to blogging or looking to enhance their tools, consider exploring some recommended blogging tools that can streamline this process.
  • Input Details: Enter the URL of the selected post into the generator
  • Share Niches: List the niches you both are passionate about (e.g., productivity, fitness, email marketing campaigns.)

What happens next is where the magic lies. The tool accesses all the information you’ve provided to tailor a customized message that truly resonates.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, the generator analyzes the blog post and selected niches and infuses your email with the necessary personal touch. As an added bonus, it also takes care of pesky grammar and spelling issues and other aspects of email composing.

This streamlined process ensures your outreach is as impactful and relevant as possible.

A Quick Guide: Make the most of my AI email writer

Get the most out of the AI email writer with these simple steps. 

This quick guide will assist you in crafting the AI-generated email variation that best resonates with your target audience.

Step 0. Research First! 🔍

Do not skip this step!

Before you use the AI email generator, it’s essential to gather some information. This will enable the tool to help you write an email tailored to the recipient’s interests and expertise.

  1. Target Website: Find a website you’d like to contribute a guest post to
  2. Key Contact: Identify the person in charge of content on the site and note their name
  3. Pick the post: Choose one of their blog posts and save the URL

Step 1. Add your and the recipient’s names

your and recipient's names

Enter your and the recipient’s names. The tool will insert them properly into the email template. This is an optional step, you can insert names later.

Step 2. Enter your website

your website

Next, add your website name. This is also an optional step, and you can add your website address after the email is done.

Step 3. Provide a list of common interests


In this step, you’ll need to input topics or niches that you and the recipient have in common, separated by commas. For instance, if you both write about travel, digital nomads, and freelancing, you would enter: “travel, digital nomads, freelance.”

By providing these shared interests, the AI algorithm can make the emails more relevant and engaging. It will use this information to tailor the content, making the recipient feel like the email was written specifically for them, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Step 4. Paste the Recipient’s Blog Post URL

In this critical step, you’ll provide the URL of a blog post written by the recipient. This is essential for the AI email tool to craft emails tailored to the specific situation.

By analyzing the article, the AI algorithm can generate email content that directly addresses the ideas and insights expressed in the recipient’s writing. For example, if the article discusses the challenges of remote work, the AI will create an email that speaks to those specific points, demonstrating your familiarity with their content and increasing the chances of a meaningful connection.

Step 5. The Final Click

You’re just one click away from generating a guest post outreach email that’s both authentic and engaging. After entering all the necessary information, simply hit the ‘Write Email’ button and let the AI work its magic!

Sit back and relax while the AI crafts a professional email based on the recipient’s article and your shared interests. In about 20 seconds, you’ll have a polished, personalized email ready to send, saving you time and effort in your outreach process.

Example of using my free AI email writer tool

To combine it all, I targeted myself in this example and generated a personalized AI-powered email in one click.

Why should I Use AI Email Generator?

Improved Efficiency

AI email generator is designed to understand your recipient’s interests and preferences quickly, enabling you to send personalized, engaging, and relevant emails quickly. This improvement in efficiency means you can focus more on strategy and less on the process of email creation, propelling your email campaigns to new heights with ease and precision.

Enriched Personalization

Nobody likes reading generic outreach emails. My email writer stands out by creating an email and ensuring each message is meticulously crafted. It dives deep to understand the recipient before it begins to tailor content, ensuring every email is tailored with precision. This level of personalization transforms your outreach, elevating your emails from just another item in the inbox to a compelling, must-read message.

Work in Progress…

This AI email generator is my work in progress. I will extend and improve it, adding other ways to personalize your email besides reading the recipient article. I also plan to add functionality to create emails with different purposes besides guest post outreach.

I would love to hear from you!

Please share your feedback or ideas on how I can improve my AI email generator. Or perhaps you run into a problem using it, I’d love to know that, too!